Our past and current projects include:


    • Commercial – Residential
    • Bridges
    • Drainage
    • Environmental
    • Formwork
    • Piling
    • Rail infrastructure
    • Retaining wall
2019 Raised Threshold Sutherland


2019 Raised Threshold

MCS Civil extended a raised threshold at a local/arterial road intersection in Sutherland.

2019 Concrete Collar Slabs

MCS Civil constructed over 500m2 in reinforcement slabs to offer as a guide wall for piling works. Penetrations were cast into the slabs to 5mm tolerance for pile diameters ranging from 1200mm to 2500mm.

Quality, Safety and Environmental controls were paramount to the successful completion of works.

2017-2018 Mechanical Scabbling/Shotcrete

MCS Civil carried out repair works to a 5.6km section of a 130 year old canal. The scope of work consisted of mechanical scabbling of existing trapezoid walls and relining with shotcrete. Where the concrete was badly corroded, in-situ sections were formed and poured to repair the wall.